The landlady
Updated: 4/5/2021
The landlady

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  • The air was deadly cold and the wind was like a flat blade of ice on his cheeks. (Dahl 1)
  • Billy, A young boy in London finds himself in a cold icy night and is trying to find some lodging in a local hotel. 
  • “My dear boy,” she said, “why don’t you come in out of the cold?”
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Billy is soon drawn to a bed and breakfast, and is swiftly welcomed in by a strange women who billy goes on to describe as weird later on.
  • "But before you go to bed, would you be kind enough to pop into the sitting room on the ground floor and sign the book?" (Dahl 4)
  • Once Billy was shown to his room which appeared to be ready for a guest already, he is told to sign the guest book where he sees two names that seem oddly familiar.
  • "Wait just a minute. Mulholland . . . Christopher Mulholland . . . wasn’t that the name of the Eton schoolboy who was on a walking tour through the West Country, and then all of a sudden...” (Dahl 7)
  • “Oh no, my dear, that can’t possibly be right, because my Mr. Mulholland was certainly not an Eton schoolboy when he came to me. "(Dahl 7)
  • Billy after some thought, recognized one of the names as someone who disappeared a while ago, but the land lady denies it.
  • “Good gracious me,” he said. “How absolutely fascinating.” (Dahl 9)
  • “I stuff all my little pets myself when they pass away. Will you have another cup of tea?” (Dahl 9)
  • Billy soon finds out the bird and dog he thought were alive are in fact dead and stuffed. Then the landlady begins to say some questionable things about her past guests Mr. Mulland which makes Billy skeptical. 
  • At this point Billy knows she loves taxidermy. He begins to become skeptical and we see signs he is nervous.
  • Excuse my asking, but haven’t there been any other guests here except them in the last two or three years?” (Dahl 9)
  • “No, my dear,” she said. “Only you.” (Dahl 9)
  • Billy having realised the pets were stuffed, begins to ask questions, finding out she has had no guests since the two men that were listed in the guest book. In conclusion the best guess is that she killed and stuffed her last guests, and next.