Updated: 3/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • One day, Stanley was walking from school when suddenly a pair of sneakers fell from the sky.
  • Ouch!
  • Where did these come from?
  • Shortly after, he was arrested and accused of stealing the shoes, which he later found out belonged to Clyde Livingston; a famous baseball player.
  • I didn't steal them.
  • Tell that to the judge.
  • Stop there! You are under arrested for stealing those shoes.
  • Stanley was sent to court, and his parents couldn't afford a lawyer. His trial was delayed since Clyde Livingston was going to attend and testify that they were his shoes.
  • Are these your shoes?
  • Yes, those are the shoes I donated. I can’t imagine what kind of horrible person would steal from homeless children.
  • Where are you going to go Camp Green Lake or jail?
  • Stanley was given two choices to either go to jail or to Camp Green lake.
  • Stanley you are guilty. I sentence you to 18 months at Camp Green lake.
  • I've never been to camp, so Camp Green Lake.
  • Stanley was sent to Camp Green lake; a juvenile detention center for bad boys.
  • Camp Green Lake
  • Camp Green Lake wasn't at all what Stanley imagined it to be. It had no lake, no water but a scorching sun. The only shade that was there was the one next to the Wardens cabin, and no one was allowed there.