Cupid and Psyche

Updated: 9/26/2021
Cupid and Psyche

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  • Psyche Being Beautiful.
  • She's hot!
  • What a pretty girl!
  • Can we get together sometime?
  • Aphrodite's Wrath?
  • Make her fall in love with the ugliest guy in the room!
  • I'm not sure, but she's looking very attractive.
  • The Invisible Husband.
  • Um, why?
  • You must never see what I look like.
  • A king had three daughters, two of whom were acceptable, but the most beautiful of the three was named Psyche. Men start neglecting Aphrodite's altars, which irritates her.
  • The Girl Who Was Too Curious.
  • You will never see me again!
  • My love...
  • Cupid, Aphrodite's son, is dispatched to use his arrows to make her fall in love with the most hideous object conceivable. He walks in to do the task, but he becomes sidetracked and pricks himself with his own arrow, causing him to fall in love with Psyche.
  • The Aftermath of the tasks.
  • You've done enough, love. Let me do the rest
  • After a period, Psyche's two sisters marry, but not Psyche herself. Her parents travel to consult the Oracle of Apollo, concerned that they have enraged the gods. Her parents are told by the oracle that she is destined to marry an enticing monster. Her parents take her to the peak of the mountain to await her monster spouse, and Zephyr ultimately transports her to a flower field by powerful wind. She comes upon a castle and enters it. She's been treated to a feast out of pure generosity. Later that night, her soon-to-be husband enters in the middle of the night, so she can't see him. He tells her she must never see how he appears.
  • The Lovely Finish.
  • After a while, Psyche begins to feel lonely, so she persuades her invisible husband to allow her to communicate with her sisters. After lying to them about her husband's identity, her sister simply tells her to look at him since the prophecy stated he's a monster. Later that night, she acts on this suggestion. She stands over him, holding a lamp and a knife in case he's a monster, and looks at him. She sees him for who he actually is, but is sidetracked by how gorgeous he is. Some of the lamp's oil drops upon Cupid and burns him. Infuriated, he flies out the window, vowing that she will never see him again.
  • *crying noises*
  • Psyche is emotionally destroyed by this and travels about for a long time trying to find him. Her sisters begged Zephyr to take them to Psyche's spouse on their behalf. Zephyr fails to assist them, and they perish. Psyche ultimately approaches Aphrodite, who forces her to do arduous duties in order to establish her value as Cupid's bride. The first two jobs were to sift tons of grains and collect golden wool. Those two tasks didn't count against her merit because she got divine help with each of them. Aphrodite assigns Psyche her final task: go find some beauty from Persephone. Cupid instructs her on how to enter the underworld in order to do so, and she proceeds to get the box of beauty. She succumbs to temptation and opens the package. Cupid enters and awakens her, telling her to carry the box to Aphrodite and he would take care of the rest.
  • After Psyche brings the package to Aphrodite, Cupid rushes to Zeus and begs him to persuade Aphrodite to mellow out over the whole affair. Cupid and Psyche are permitted to live happily ever after when Zeus tells her to calm down.
  • I love you so much, My love...