Updated: 1/14/2021

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  • Person vs Person
  • Ey?
  • 'Diana Goss?' echoed Amelia. 'Oh Lyddie, don't be taken in.'
  • Person vs Nature
  • Don't nobody yell she said softly Just back up slow and quiet to the ladder and climb up to the loft.
  • Person vs Society
  • It’s a lot of money, he said gently. I’d be tempted if I were you
  • But I won’t
  • Lyddie and Amelia (her roommate) are arguing over Diana Goss. This is person vs person because she is having a conflict with another person. Not with nature or herself.
  • A bear comes into the cabin looking for food and Lyddie has to take charge. It's her vs nature or the bear because she has to make sure her family gets out of danger from the bear and herself. So she is basically facing the bear.
  • Lyddie meets a runaway slave (Ezekiel) who is staying in her cabin. It’s person vs society because people back then saw slaves as property, they didn’t like African Americans. So she was conflicted because she didn’t turn him in even though she could have earned money that way.