ValEd Activity 6

Updated: 10/2/2021
ValEd Activity 6

Storyboard Text

  • First day of class. Good luck to me!
  • Good luck in your test class! No cheating. Your time starts now.
  • Why is it so hard to pass:( Should I just cheat? I really need to pass this test:(
  • You are really funny omg! I can't believed we didn't approached you during the first day
  • Ellie and her family just moved in a new town. New town means a new school and new friends. In her old school, she was one of the top students. Can she still be a top student in her new school?
  • Hey Ellie! You really improved well. Keep it up!
  • Thank you sir. I will do my best:)
  • She had a hard time adjusting. During her first month, she didn't make new friends. She even almost failed a class because she couldn't keep up. She attempted to cheat but she remembered the expectations her family has for her.
  • Congratulations in winning the first place!
  • In her second month, she became more comfortable and she was able to make new friends. The students theer were friendly to her. 
  • We are back again in square one. You are such a disappointment.
  • She also started doing well in class. She is now adapted to the teacher's way of teaching and the amount of requirements. She started to become her past self.
  • The teachers saw her improvement and started joining her in contests. She didn't disappoint them. She always do her best in everything.
  • But everything went downhill when Covid happened and they started doing online classes. She had a hard time adjusting with the way of learning.