Text Structure - The Underground Railroad

Text Structure - The Underground Railroad
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Underground Railroad

Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad

Lesson Plans by Elizabeth Pedro

The Underground Railroad maintained such high secrecy that little evidence can be found. The Underground Railroad was a secret line of farms leading from the slaves states to Canada. These "stations" were organized by hundreds of men and women who did not believe in slavery. Slaves were provided food, clothing, and a place to rest during daylight. The "conductors" of the railroad were daring and resourceful; they often had to participate in a ruse in order to avoid suspicion from slave owners.

Underground Railroad

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Cause and Effect Text Structure in Flight to Freedom

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  • We will search every vehicle.
  • You'll be safe here. Get some rest before tonight.
  • “Drastic laws made the Road illegal in the north.”
  • THE
  • Agents put “God’s law” above the law of the land; they believed in “universal freedom for mankind” so they created “stations” in a abandoned barns.
  • The second Fugitive Slave law was passed in 1850.
  • Which disregards all the ordinary securities of PERSONAL LIBERTY, which tramples on the Constitution...
  • The District of Columbia alone complained that in this period the number of its slaves had been reduced from 4694 to 640 by "underground railroads and felonious abductions."
  • “Unaccustomed to making their own way, unused to the rigors of northern climate, many of them met poverty and disease.”
  • “The Canadians, however, did much to help them; they were willing to absorb the fugitives into their national life, to share their work, and to give them aid in establishing farms.”
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