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Updated: 5/6/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This is Carmen as You might have noticed she is an Alien and her Pet he isn't a cute puppy or a purring cat but he is an Animal that is Unknown to people on earth he is a Carloon
  • Hi , my name is Carmen
  • Peter sit sit!
  • This is her Dad and his Gargamol Peter
  • Hi my name is Anna- Lisa
  • This is her Mum and her Pheonox Endorman
  • This is Carmen's bedroom in her house
  • Summer
  • )
  • Carmens planet
  • )
  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Earth
  • Winter
  • Nice weather
  • Yes - No
  • Philosophy: do aliens exist
  • Earth School
  • -Humans-
  • Earth
  • Alien school
  • But sun isn't always the best thing
  • Carmen's Planet
  • That or
  • That
  • Earth
  • Carmen wants someday somehow to get to Earth. Some people don't believe that it is really there but her father is one of the many scientists that are trying to prove its existence. After all, there must be another planet somewhere with life! Unlike on Earth, scientists have managed to send out satellites to take pictures of the surface of the earth.
  • How to get to earth
  • 1. spaceshipPros: Fast and comfortableCons:I don't actually have one
  • And
  • But one day, something incredible happened. Carmen was walking around the junkyard when she spotted an old spaceship that was just lying there abandoned
  • After that she came to the junkyard every day to repair it at first she only made plans but then she started for real
  • At last it was done
  • The next day she started packing she knew she needed a space suit witch she stole from her fathers study she used all the money she had to buy food without her family noticing because she knew they would say It was to Dangerous
  • And a week later she was ready she put on the helmet and got into the spaceship
  • As Carmen took one last look at her planet she knew she might never return as then she started the rocket and she shot up into the air
  • Oh there is one thing I need to tell you about Carmen she is a shapeshifter so she can look like anything she wants
  • As she landed on earth she got bumped around a great deal
  • when the smoke cleared Carmen gasped at what she saw around her (this is what she looks like now because of course she wants to look like a human on Earth)
  • When she recovered from her shock she walked into a shop to see what else there was to see on this amazing planet
  • As she walked in she gasped in shock because she has just remembered something horrible she forgot that she couldn't talk to anyone for they wouldn't understand her suddenly the old women behind the counter said "come with me my dear iv'e got something for you" Carmen followed to scared to do anything else
  • So you are an alien too I suspected as much because I saw your spaceship land let us live here together and we will not have to hide our true selves
  • Well so far I really like it here and she seems nice so I think i'll stay Oh but I still haven't fixed the language problem
  • I know what you are thinking I have the perfect solution as soon as I saw your spaceship land I baked a batch of Language scones if you eat on of these every day you will be able to speak the Language of the Humans
  • Thanks I will stay!
  • This is Carmen's new bedroom in her new house
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