Geography Storyboard
Updated: 7/23/2020
Geography Storyboard
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  • Landform
  • Landforms - like these mountains - sure are beautiful!
  • Continent
  • World maps often include the continents!
  • Erosion
  • Rivers often cause erosion around their banks, what with all the flowing water!
  • A natural feature of the Earth's surface, for example a mountain, valley, lowland or volcano
  • Environment
  • The land mass on Earth is divided into continents. The seven current continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America
  • World Heritage Site
  • WH Sites - such as the pyramids at Giza - have to be quite important to be one!
  • The wearing down, transportation and deposition of material by water, wind and ice
  • Tectonics
  • Features such as mountains and valleys are caused by tectonics!
  • A specific place on Earth and all the living and non-living elements that are there there
  • The trees, grass and rocks here are all part of this environment!
  • A place listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as of special cultural or natural significance for preservation for the global community
  • Processes within the mantle which build up the various features on the Earth's crust
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