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Updated: 5/8/2018
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  • A handful of workers gather around a laptop for the video call with their boss, JEANINE
  • EMPLOYEES (ALL) (overlapping) Yeah.. Hi Jeanine .. We can hear you
  • We cut to a shot of a man’s legs, standing by a printer, as he hurriedly starts walking away with the camera following him.
  • JEANINE Sorry, listen this business conference is so busy at the moment. Just updating you guys on the..
  • HARRY ..Holiday Bonus
  • Cutting back to the walking man we see him rushing by cubicles, his pace increasing.
  • JEANINE Yes! well, about that. I’ve talked it over with the executives - they have some different ideas.
  • SUSIE Long as it still covers my bike I’m happy!
  • We see the walking man again, his pace now at a frantic jog.
  • JEANINE Ha! yes well, we’re actually looking at some potential downsizing options
  • PAUL In what departments?
  • The man’s frantic jog is now close to a full sprint - he speeds like a blur through office spaces.
  • JEANINE Oh! Paul congrats on the sales award - very impressive considering your pay grade
  • SUSIE Did you say "downsizing"?
  • The sprinting man rounds a corner and hurriedly moves towards a door at the end of the hallway.
  • JEANINE Look, it’s just a broad reshuffle! Listen I’ve sent over some documents it’ll clear up any issues for you! I gotta go, they have an open bar!
  • PAUL Wait, but..
  • The office door flies open loudly. The employees turn to look in-surprise.
  • Jeanine closes the voice call on her computer.
  • RUNNING MAN Guys.. I think we got just fired
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