The Narrabeen Man

Updated: 5/25/2020
The Narrabeen Man

Storyboard Text

  • The Narrabeen Man was banished for murder (he was young at the time).
  • How dare he kill someone!
  • The Narrabeen Man still had his two front teeth untill he died, so he did not go through the initiation ritual. Therefore suggesting he was banished.
  • You have been banished. Never return!
  • The Narrabeen Man lived by himself from a young age to about the age of 30-40.
  • The Narrabeen Man's skeleton shows he was around thirty to forty at the age of his death
  • The Narrabeen Man was living along the coastline in Sydney and accidently trespassed onto another tribes land.
  • The Narrabeen man was found with fish bones in his stomach. He had recently eaten fish therfore had recently lived near the coastline.
  • How dare you trespass our land!
  • The tribe killed the Narrabeen Man as a result of not leaving their land. The Narrabeen Man suffered with many spear piercings.
  • The Narrabeen Man suffered a spear piercing through his intestines which lodged into his spine. Another spear pierced him in the spine, and another spear hit his head. The indents in his bones prove this. There were more spears thrown but no other spears made any bone damage. This is proven by the many spear remains outside his body.
  • The tribe shoved the Narrabeen Man in hole.
  • The Narrabeen Man was buried carelessly. His body was found with his arm across his neck and his head appeared to be off his vertebrae colomn.
  • In January 2005 workmen were digging a gas pipeline around Narrabeen when they came across the Narrabeen Man's skeleton remains which were immediatly put under investigation.
  • Who does this belong to?