USDH Colonoscopy Prep Storyboard
Updated: 3/24/2021
USDH Colonoscopy Prep Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Joe is getting a colonoscopy.
  • Joe is getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. 
  • Joe forgot about the worst part.
  • You know what that means, right Joe?
  • The typical reaction to prep.
  • It's PREP time!
  • NO!!!!!
  • Joe is relieved. Phew!
  • Relax Joe. Prep is much easier now.
  • Joe gets his kit from his doctor.
  • You can purchase your prep kit right from your doctor or from your pharmacy.
  • Voice-over: Joe just turned 45 and his doctor told him it's time to start regular colonoscopy screenings. Tomorrow is the big day.[Joe is introduced. He's an olive-skinned, salt & pepper haired 45 year old. He's not thrilled about the colonoscopy, but he's resigned to getting it done.]
  • The Day Before Diet.
  • Voice-over: You know what that means, right Joe?[Joe gives a quizzical look.]
  • Prep Time.
  • Voiceover: It's PREP TIME! [Joe reacts with an "Oh great/Oh no/UGH" reaction.]
  • Joe is Ready.
  • Voice-over: Relax Joe! Prep is much easier now.[Joe reacts with relief.]
  • Voice-over: Joe's doctor provides a convenient prep kit for him to take home.[Joe is talking with his doctor as she hands him his prep kit. Joe nods his head in understanding. ]
  • Joe goes to the doctor for his annual check-up and learns that the American Cancer Society recommends regular colon cancer screenings at age 45.
  • Voice-over: Joe's doctor told him to stick to a clear liquid diet the day before his procedure. He is sure to drink at least 12 8-10 ounce glasses of clear liquids through the day. [Joe is in his kitchen shown drinking lots of fluids, water, coffee, tea, juice etc.]
  • Voice-over: Joe follows his prep directions from his kit. Unlike years ago, prep is much easier and gentler now. Joe waves to let you know it's time for him to get his prep on. [Joe is in his bathroom or going into his bathroom with a look on his face that says he'd like us to leave now so he can have some privacy.]
  • Voice-over: Joe is ready for his colonoscopy. He won't be able to eat today. Since his colonoscopy is in the morning, he will not have anything at all, even liquids. If it were in the afternoon, he would be allowed liquids until 4 hours before arrival. [Joe is at the hospital ready for his colonoscopy and ready for the doctor to give him the all clear. He's relaxed and calm.]
  • Voice-over: Great job Joe! His doctor is thrilled with his prep and Joe is clear for his screening. Watch the next video to learn more about the colonoscopy procedure.[Joe's doctor is happy with his prep and tells him he's all set to be prepped for the procedure. Joe is laying on the bed with a nurse nearby and ready to go in for the procedure.]
  • Voice-Over: Brought to you by US Digestive Health. Be Healthy To The Core.[Logo is presented.]