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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Earliest People
  • I'm going out to hunt, do you know where my atlatls is?
  • Right here.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Deal is done!
  • $15 million please, we're desperate.
  • Lewis and Clark
  • It's beautiful out here isn't it!
  • Yes! The land and berries are amazing!
  • Earliest people had to migrate and adapt to survive. They had to eat food when found and use atlatls as hunting tools. They lived in tipis or permanent houses depending on if their tribes were sedentary or nomadic.
  • Zebulon Pike
  • This land is useless! Ah a snake!
  • In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson was looking for ways to expand the United States territory. The French were fighting wars with Great Britain and were desperate for money. He bought it for $15million from the French and doubled the size of the United states, which opened up possibilities for the westward expansion.
  • Stephen Long
  • "The Great American Desert"
  • This man has change history forever.
  • Lewis and Clark spent 123 miles of their 8,000 mile journey in Kansas. They fell in love with it! They said, "Great beauty...variety of game...deer seemed plentiful...abundance of wild raspberries."
  • Indian Removal Act
  • Keep going!
  • Pike was the first American to travel the territory by land. He described Kansas as a desert and thought the land was worthless. His words were, “These vast plains...may become in time equally celebrated as the sandy deserts of Africa…”. But, could this land be cultivated?
  • Long traveled by steamboat. On a map, Long labeled the area to become Kansas as "The Great American Desert". This view of Kansas as a desert stuck, and it influenced the US government’s settlement policies for years to come.
  • Because of explorer’s description of Kansas, the U.S. government didn’t think white Americans could farm/survive. The government forced East American Indians to relocate to Kansas and other areas. Many tribes found living conditions to be unfamiliar and difficult. Tension rose between many tribes.