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Intimate Partner Violence
Updated: 4/27/2020
Intimate Partner Violence
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  • You never do anything right!
  • stop fighting mommy and daddy!
  • I saw daddy hit mommy
  • Whats the matter Julie?
  • nothing I'm fine
  • Congratulations Julie
  • 8 years later...
  • everyone, this is our new hire, Julie!
  • Welcome Julie, would you like to go for drinks this Friday?
  • Sure, thanks!
  • Hey mom, my first week of work was great! Im going out for drinks with a coworker and he's cute!
  • That's great sweetie
  • i am overwhelmed financially, I don't know what to do..
  • 6 Months Later...
  • My mom left my dad for the same reason, If she could leave, so can I
  • Don't worry. Move in with me and I will take away all your stress
  • Thank you for allowing me to move in babe.
  • I did it because I love you.
  • You are under arrest for a domestic violence charge
  • But I'm not ready to take that step, please understand.
  • Now that I've allowed you to move in, I think it's only right that we finally have sex.
  • How could you be so ungrateful! It's the least you could do you freeloader!
  • Im leaving! I don't deserve this kind of treatment
  • You're not going anywhere!
  • Let me go! please!
  • Im sorry for putting my hands on you. Next time just agree and we won't have this problem again.
  • If i report this, our work will know and ridicule me
  • I've seen so many movies where women get treated worse and stay..
  • I desperately need a place to live. If I just comply with him he won't do it again he said.
  • Many times, in intimate relationship cases of violence, victims are afraid to speak out because of what they've seen in other cases that the media portrays. There have been numerous times where victims have been ridiculed and called liars. TV and movie shows often shame the women for their behavior that "triggered" the violence.
  • I will bring awareness and hope to other victims.
  • This is not love.
  • I don't need to worry about anyone but myself and my safety.
  • Dials 911...
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