Mice of men

Mice of men
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Dancing Characters

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  • GeorgeSpeech: aggressive, quick to anger, uses profanityThoughts: makes plans for the future, goal focusedEffect on others: both calms and upsets LennieActions: quick, focused, takes care of LennieLooks: defined: small strong hands, slender arms, a thin and bony nose.
  • LennieSpeech: simple words, monosyllabic, a bit of a stutterThoughts: minimal, obsessed with the rabbitsEffect on others: often upsets GeorgeActions: lumbering, animal-like, killed the mouseLooks: a huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, and wide sloping shoulders
  • Chapters 2 3 introduces the reader to the various characters on the ranch and their relationships with each other. The card game allowed for the characters to discuss their backgrounds.
  • Chapter 4 has Crooks informing Lennie that the dream of owning his own farm with George is futile, he had seen many men with the same dream fail. Candy reinforces the dream and continues to push to be included. Curley's wife flounces looking for Curley in a rather unlikely place.
  • You got no rights comin' in a colored man's room. You got no rights messing around in here at all... If you don't, I'm gonna ast the boss not to ever let you come in the barn no more.
  • I could get youstrung upon a treeso easy it ain'teven funny.
  • Chapter 5 opens with Lennie having killed his puppy by being too rough with it. He is distressed and shortly joined by Curley's wife who sees a sympathetic ear in Lennie and relates her story. She invites Lennie to touch her hair, Lennie is too rough and she panics. In his attempts to quiet her, Lennie breaks Curley's wife's neck. George and Candy discover the scene after Lennie had run off, the other men when made aware of the murder vow to hunt and kill Lennie
  • I done a real bad thing, he said. I shouldn't of did that. George'll be mad. An'... he said... an' hide in the brush till he come. He's gonna be mad. In the brush till he come. Tha's what he said.
  • The Dream. The plan for George and Lennie to eventually have a home and farm of their own. 
  • With us it ain't like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don't have to sit in no bar room blowin' in our jack jus' because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us.Lennie broke in. But not us! An' why? Because… because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why. He laughed delightedly. Go on now, George!
  • The Friendship of George and Lennie
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