Updated: 10/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Bob! Tell me what question do you have for us today?
  • Hello there! I had a question about Mandatory Compliance training. Could you please tell us why is it necessary to complete all our trainings within the target date?
  • Sure!If you remember, we had shared the Compliance Goals few months back and one of the goals was to complete all the Mandatory Compliance trainings within the target date.
  • Oh Yes! I do remember.
  • Well, there are 2 things to it.1. These trainings relay very important information with regards to any policy/procedure requirements which the employees are expected to be aware of and may have to use it while executing their business activities. 2. If all the employees complete the trainings within the target date, it helps us to demonstrate to our regulators how compliant we as an organization are.
  • Oh I see. Now I get it.Also, I believe unexcused failure to complete these trainings within the target may have some implications for the employees.
  • Yes, you are right Bob. Hence, if employees are facing any system or technical issues/have a medical emergency or any other unexpected challenges, they should promptly inform their Immediate manager or the local Covering Compliance Officer about the same.However, in case of planned leaves, the employees are expected to complete their trainings before going on leave.
  • Frequent reminders are also sent out to the employees so that they start attempting these trainings well before the due date and apprise us if there are facing any technical issues in accessing/completing the trainings. That ways we can try and help to fix any of the issues on time to avoid last minute delays in training completion.I hope now you understand the importance of completing all your trainings on time.
  • Yes I do!Thanks a ton! This was very helpful!