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My Journey through the water cycle (1)
Updated: 3/30/2020
My Journey through the water cycle (1)
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  • Where am I? What do I do? " You are in the soil my little friend" the flower stated. "What how am I in the soil?" I asked. " You are a water droplet, droplets like you are a part of something called the water cycle. In this cycle you circulate around the world in solid, liquid, and gas. You will not stay in the soil for long, so you better get prepared for what's ahead of you." The flower explained. "Wait why do I feel something pulling me, and why am I going further into the soil?" I screamed. "Don't worry it is just gravity pulling you your fine." The flower stated.
  • My Journey Through the Water Cycle
  • Why are we moving what is happening? "We are discharging into a river, young fellow?" An old droplet said. "Wait, what is discharge?" I asked. "Discharge is when us groundwater comes back to Earths surface and flow into a collection area. In our case the river!" The old droplet explained " Wait aren't you to old to go through this cycle?" I asked. The old droplet started chuckling. "Us droplets never stop doing this water cycle we just keep going over, and over again. Son, I have been going through this water cycle since George Washington was president." The old droplet explained. " So that means us water droplets never stop going through this cycle?" I asked. "Yup, never in a billion years." The old droplet stated.
  • So let me get this strait. Right now we are flowing in the river, right. Let me guess the river flows into the ocean. That's where I'm going next. The Ocean!
  • Wow the ocean is humongous! I have never been here in my life! "Are we going to go to the same places together?" I asked. "No dear, every droplet has its own path that it takes. Every droplet goes through a unique and different cycle." The old droplet explained. "Wait! Why am I turning into gas?" I screamed. "Don't worry. What your going through is called evaporation. Evaporation is when a water droplet goes from a liquid into water vapor which is basically turning from liquid to a gas. We go through evaporation, because of the heat of the sun that powers the water cycle." The old droplet explained. "So, where am I going next?" I asked. "Too the clouds!" The old droplet exclaimed.
  • So this is a cloud I wonder where the old droplet is. I think I now the next part of this cycle is called umm con . . . con . . . condensation. Ya it's when us water droplets turn from water vapor into a liquid, because of the cold atmosphere. Look I also condensed into a water droplet. Oh I also know that When to many water droplets are in a cloud the cloud gets to heavy and the droplets have to fall back to Earth. The droplets fall back to Earth as either hail, snow, rain, or hail. I think It's time for me to fall back to Earth. Wait I've become a snowflake! Yay!
  • ClWow it really is cold on this glacier, but surprisingly the Sun is out. I think I am melting? I'm sliding down the glacier, and I think I'm heading towards the soil. I think I have to go into the ground again, and become groundwater. At least there are other droplets with me. Summernote 0.8.11 · Project · Issues
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