Representation, Action, and Expression

Updated: 3/4/2021
Representation, Action, and Expression

Storyboard Description

Kris is troubled because he doesn't know how to bake chocolate chip cookies. Will Josh be able to help him?

Storyboard Text

  • What's wrong Kris?
  • I have to make cookies, but I don't know how!
  • steps and ingredients
  • Too many things to worry about! I am drowning!
  • measurementsand temperatures
  • bake and rest time
  • I'm going to help you PLAN and ORGANIZE how to bake cookies!
  • How, Josh?
  • Josh asked Kris to think about his past experience with baking and to apply what he already knows when he bakes the cookies.Josh explained to Kris that they can use a basic recipe to organize and plan how he will bake the cookies.(Steps 1 and 2 of teaching a learning strategy)
  • 350 degrees cream flour fold cool sift sugar baking soda cookie sheet combine scoop mix eggs salt bake golden brown vanilla rack butter chocolate chips
  • Let's sort the jumble of words into a basic recipe!
  • - cream butter and sugar- add eggs and vanilla-sift in flour, baking soda, and salt- mix until combined- fold in chocolate chips-scoop balls onto cookie sheetbake at 350 degrees until golden brown- cool on a rack
  • Think of this basic recipe as a checklist.It breaks up the task into manageable steps!I'll show you how to do it, then you try!
  • It's like setting short term goals for myself!
  • This butter and sugar looks really fluffy and well mixed I am ready for the next step!
  • I see, you are monitoring your progress as you go through the recipe!
  • A few steps later...
  • Josh they are amazing! Thank you for telling me exactly what to do!
  • But I what if I have to make oatmeal cookies? I only know how to make chocolate chip cookies.
  • Most cookies follow this same recipe! The ingredients may change, but the steps are the same!
  • Awesome! I can generalize this basic recipe when baking other types of cookies!
  • Josh helped Kris today by teaching him a basic cookie recipe. He asked him to activate background knowledge and then explained the strategy they will use to bake the cookies. The steps within the recipe served as short term goals that made progress monitoring easy. Josh explicitly modeled the implementation of the recipe. Kris was happy to learn that this recipe is not just for chocolate chip cookies and can be generalized across cookie types.
  • Big Ideas:Chapter 5: support planning and organization and generalizationChapter 7: short-term goals and progress monitoring