Without A Trace

Without A Trace

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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1A
  • Scene 1B
  • Scene 1C
  • Action: All lines until "seriously guys?" line Camera: CU. On sticks
  • *Scene 1DA, 1DB, 1DC
  • Action: Mob Boss All lines Camera: CU. Static shot
  • Scene 1D, 1E, 1F
  • Action: All lines. (booms out of frame) Camera: two shot on sticks. low frame.
  • Scene 1EA 
  • Action: (1DA) WITH talent boom poles & mics in the frame. (1DB) blank w/just props. (1DC) blank plate w/o talent & props. If henchmen are in the way of booms remove them from scene. Camera: Camera must be on sticks. Wide
  • Action: (1D) Boomguy1 line. looks around confused then at his cloaking device. (1E) Talent & boom in position 1, then they walk away from scene. This is the "rewind" clip when Mercedes snaps fingers. (1F) Plate w/o talent or crew Camera: must be on sticks. EWS
  • Action: Boomguy1 looks embarrassed Camera: handheld? quick pan and zoom in to Boomguy1
  • Insert 1AA
  • Insert 1BB
  • Scene 1EB
  • Action: Insert of Delphine grabbing champagne and glass Camera: ECU. no movement
  • Scene 2
  • Action: Reaction of Henchmen1. 1 take with just eyes glancing at henchmen2. 1 take where he turns head (He may or may not have mask covering eyes).
  • Scene 2A
  • Action: Boomguy1 messes around with device Camera: slow subtle dolly in, start from full to MCU on device
  • Scene 2A CONT'D
  • Action: Director yells cut. "Fake" crew starts from still to busy bees making adjustments Camera: MS on director, on sticks.
  • Action: Reveal entire "fake" crew. everyone starts looking busy and making adjustments Camera: WS. Hold for a few beats, then pan right until we see Delphine & Mob Boss again
  • Action: Mercedes walks in from camera right while talent and crew move away from front stage Camera: Follow Mercedes, stay on her front face
  • Scene 2A CONT'D
  • Scene 2A CONT'D
  • Insert 2AA
  • Action: Mercedes walks toward director Camera: Stay on Mercedes face. When she reaches director move down and recenter on both
  • Scene 2B
  • Action: Mercedes snaps her fingers Camera: two shot Note: This is a good time to also shoot 2D, 3E
  • Scene 2C
  • Action: Mercedes snaps fingers Camera: ECU
  • Scene 2D
  • Action: Mercedes walks up to boom op and takes his cloaking device and walks away Camera: static or dolly left slightly after Mercedes enters
  • Action: DP - All Lines from "sound in shot," "Fine whatever..." "Rolling" Camera: CU
  • Action: Mercedes whispers in director's ear. Director - "It's fine..." "Action!" Camera: CU
  • Scene 2E
  • Scene 2F
  • Scene 2G
  • Action: Mercedes lines bottom pg 5 - middle of pg 6 just before 1st AD line "Hold for sound!" Camera: Follow Mercedes as she moves around set
  • Scene 2H
  • Action: Boom Op walks over to Delphine with lavs. She doesn't notice him at first until 1st AD line "Hold for sound..." Delphine then turns around and says her line telling boom op to go away. Marbel comes over to fix hair Camera: two-shot
  • 2HA
  • Action: All of 1st AD's lines. Camera: MS 
  • 2J, 2K, 2L
  • Action: Mercedes - "Some talent are not very cooperative..." lines bottom pg 6 - pg 8. She walks around set & circles back to the next scene with Delphine & Octavian. As she moves around set she will be next to crew so their lines are delivered in the same frame. Camera: Follow Mercedes
  • Scene 3
  • Action: Octavian is at his 1 for the next scene. Mercedes walks into frame Camera: two-shot. maybe a CU insert on Octavian 
  • Scene 3A
  • Action: Crew lines: Wardrobe (2J), Sound Mixer (2K), Boomguy1 (2L) Camera: MS
  • Scene 3B, 3C
  • Action: Boom Ops stay out of frame. Mercedes says line off camera.  Delphine & Octavian do entire scene. Camera: Wide
  • Scene 3D
  • Action: Boom ops start in off frame position. Mercedes line. Talent starts scene. Boom ops move in to close position.  Camera: Wide
  • Scene 3E, 3F
  • Action: (3B) Plate w/o talent & boom ops. (3C) plate w/o talent, boom ops & props
  • Action: Mercedes says exact same lines in 3 & 3A Camera: MS
  • Action: Mercedes looks at director when he speaks, but looks at camera when she speaks Camera: (3E) 2 shot, (3F) MS on Mercedes
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