English project
Updated: 12/13/2020
English project

Storyboard Text

  • New President Martin Bezos take the oath of office in 2061 in front of the white house.
  • I do solemnly swear...
  • Why does everyone hate me?
  • Assistant get me the whole CIA hacker team
  • Mr. President you asked to see us sir?
  • Yes I did. I am furious. I need you to stop people from saying bad things about me?
  • How so Mr. President?
  • Shut down all of the internet so no one except me can tweet and kill all of the people that try and say more bad things about me
  • Isn't that censorship
  • Exactly
  • Assistant now get my campaign manager
  • The Polls show LeBron James up by 40 points
  • Martin Bezos
  • LeBron James
  • Mr. President I know you are upset about the poll numbers but you must show the voters why they should vote for you, you need to hold a rally
  • Ok I will hold a rally
  • You should vote for me because I have gotten rid of everything wrong with our country, specifically the negative media and the negative people
  • The crowd goes crazy for President Bezos
  • WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • Lets gooooooooo
  • After the rally the campaign manager tells Bezos that the polls are looking better heading towards election day.
  • How is the campaign doing
  • You are now only down 10 points
  • It is now election day and Bezos and James are both watching awaiting the results
  • The race has been called. LeBron James has won even though Bezos killed all of his supporters
  • President-elect James declares victory
  • I have won!!!!
  • The only thing is President Bezos wont admit he lost
  • That is impossible I know I won I will find a way to stay in office
  • It is now only a few days until James is inaugurated and Bezos has tried everything. He is seen speaking to Defense Secretary
  • Yes Mr. President
  • I need you to kill that Satan LeBron
  • Defense secretary sends an identical robot that sneaks into LeBron's house and kills him. Now that he is dead Martin remains president.
  • Pop!
  • President Bezos retakes the oath of office and no one ever runs against him again for they are scared for their lives
  • I do solemnly swear...