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  • "Chapter 6", Yanek and his Father left the pigeon coop. They went out into the dark and walked until they got to the old abandoned ware house. Once they got into the ware house they went into the basement. In the basement there were his two uncles, his cousin, two men Yanek's father was friends with and then three other men he didn't know. One of the men he didn't know was holding the Torah. From there Yanek read out of the Torah scroll, some of is Hebrew was a bit rusty. It was one of his most important milestones.
  • .
  • Krakow, Poland.
  • Yanek my son. You are a man now.
  • "Chapter 12", Yanek collapsed on the floor after a long day of work. He didn't have the strength to get back in the bed. He felt like he had stick and straw arms. If he would not get up he would be beaten by the Kapo. He thought of his Uncle Moshe.
  • Plaszow Concentration camp 1942-1943
  • Why aren't you here? Why did you have to die? I need help. I need a friend
  • Is that how you survive?
  • "Chapter 15", Yanek was in a train packed in a cattle car, full of people. There was so much people that the people in the middle were saying that they couldn't breathe. Has Yanek was lucky has he was close to the vent of the cattle car. Has the train kept moving Yanek kept falling asleep trying to past time. Some how the man next to him endend up dying, he was next to a standing dead corpse. Yanek and the other Jews in the cart, ended up stoping by another cart full of people. One of the men from the other cart asked where they where going and Yanek said Triblinka, and Yanek asked where they were going and the man said Birkenau. Yanek asked the man next to him what is Birkenau. A man next to Yanek ended up saying that it is not a work camp, it is a death camp. Their train pulled up to Birkenau. The man next to Yanek rasped.
  • No. You won't survive. None of us will. But if you stand under the exhaust vents, you won't suffer as long before you die.
  • You want my advice? When they take us to the gas chambers, try to stand right under the exhaust vents.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine and Trzebinia
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