school trip

Updated: 7/28/2020
school trip

Storyboard Text

  • students I wanted to warn you that we are going to have a school trip, but I need everyone to confirm their attendance to know who is going
  • Whose students can't go , must have an excuse and check it out
  • yeah. a school trip
  • I don't think my parents will let me go
  • I'm very excited about the trip, are you going?
  • I don't think, my parent won't give me permission
  • I don't now, it would be a miracle if they let me go, but I'm going to try
  • you should ask him and if they don't let you go, I'll send you of a picture of who we are going on the trip
  • Mm we don't now, you haven't behaved very well and I don't now if we have the money
  • Dad and mom, could you let me go on a trip?, which is school and the teachers are going, please
  • Please I will hep you whith the money
  • Thanks dad and mom!!!
  • ok we let you go