Steps to Create Personas

Updated: 5/9/2017
Steps to Create Personas
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Use Personas in Business

How to Create User Personas

By Marissa Martinez

Personas are visual stories that describe actual customers. Personas draw a detailed picture of the user, what they want to accomplish, what knowledge or skills they may or may not have, and why certain things may be more important to them. The products or services you design try to solve these customer problems. Personas help the team focus on user-centered design.

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Storyboard Description

Use these steps to engage your team to create personas for your product or service.

Storyboard Text

  • Brainstorm Persona Types
  • Buyer Reseller Repair Person Installer Competitor Partner User Regulator
  • Research and Interview
  • Write Personas
  • Generate a list of types of people connected to your product or service.
  • Team Sort / Prioritize
  • Primary
  • Find people of each type and interview them about pain points and product use.
  • Discuss
  • Write a detailed description of each person. What do they care about? How do they currently solve the problem?
  • Finalize, Print, Dristribute
  • Gather the team (business and tech) to card sort the profiles. Use a target or triangle approach.
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Ask questions like: "Are these the same?" "What if we swap these two?"
  • Print the final primary profile for every team member to reference daily during the project.