Maths assignment
Updated: 6/11/2020
Maths assignment
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  • SAM
  • Hi! I'm Super Sam and I'm really good at climbing! Join me on a few of my climbs today!
  • THE
  • I need to figure out the height of the rock wall I'm about to climb. I am standing 20m away from the rock wall and staring at the top at a 65 degree angle. So I did tan65 x 20 which is 42.9m. This means that the wall I am about to climb is 42.9m tall.
  • I'm on my way to my next climb! Can't wait to show you what I'm doing!
  • --------------------------------------
  • Next I'm doing a downward climb. I started on top of a 42m tall building and looked 90m in front of me. I did tan-1(42/90) which gave me 25.02 degrees. This means the angle I'm climbing down is 25.02 degrees.
  • -------BY HAYLEY ISAACS-------
  • My final climb for the day is at the beach and I need to calculate the height of the rock face. I am standing 37m away from the rock face and staring at the top at a 78 degree angle. To work this out, I did tan78 x 37 and got the answer 174.1
  • --------------------------------------
  • That's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed watching me climb today!
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