The Mouse and the Motorcycle Plot Diagram

Updated: 2/20/2017
The Mouse and the Motorcycle Plot Diagram
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The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary

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This classic, best-selling novel is perfect for a read aloud in Grade 2 or for independent readers in Grades 3-4. The Mouse and the Motorcycle is Beverly Cleary’s first in a series of books starring Ralph the mouse. Ralph’s life changes when Keith, a young boy on summer vacation, checks in to the Mountain View hotel where Ralph and his family live. Ralph immediately notices that Keith has brought a shiny toy motorcycle – just the right size for a mouse. After trying to ride it and ending up in a wastebasket, Keith teaches Ralph how to run the motorcycle by making an engine noise, and the adventures begin! The intricate plot and delightful characters make this book a fun read that students of many ages are sure to love.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle Summary - Plot Diagram

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  • You have to make that noise: pb-b-b-b. Cars don't run unless you make a noise.
  • Keith arrives at the hotel and Ralph notices the motorcycle. He attempts to ride it and ends up in the wastebasket.
  • Boy, oh boy! That motorcycle is perfect. I must ride it!!
  • Keith discovers Ralph and teaches him how to ride the motorcycle. Ralph is allowed to ride it at night.
  • I guess I should've known you weren't old enough to be trusted with a motorcycle.
  • Ralph almost gets caught by a vacuum and ends up in a pile of dirty linen. He chews his way out but loses the motorcycle.
  • Ralph tells Keith and Keith forgives him, but loses trust in him.
  • END
  • The boy has a fever and needs an aspirin. I'm going to find him one!
  • END
  • You really mean it?! Keep it for my very own?!
  • Would you like to keep the motorcycle? I can save up my allowance and buy another one when we get back to Ohio.
  • Keith becomes sick and Ralph wants to regain his trust. He decides to try to find an aspirin for Keith by exploring the hotel.
  • Ralph successfully finds an aspirin and Keith gets better! Keith’s family leaves, but he leaves the motorcycle for Ralph.