OCD PE Assignment
Updated: 6/14/2020
OCD PE Assignment
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  • Hey dad this virus is really scaring me and I don't want to get anyone else sick
  • I can assure you son if you take the correct proportions you will be safe and so will everyone else
  • I hope nothing is distressing you to much, I am here to talk to if you need anything
  • Phone, keys, wallet. Phone keys wallet.Phone keys wallet.
  • Yes, i think I have everything
  • This is good, you are starting to remember more easily
  • hey son, have you got everything for school?
  • Ok ill follow along with you so I know what I'm doing
  • Wash your hands with me, if you watch how I do it you'll get used to the short actions and get over you fear
  • Son wakes up and is scared of the virus and giving it to others. Dad is there to talk and reasure him that he is safe from the virus germs.
  • Dad, I need to clean this up its super annoying how every thing is messed up
  • Son is getting ready for school and he is repeating actions to make sure he isn't missing anythingFather is encouraging him with small steps. This helps him become more comfortable with remembering things.
  • Breathe in,Breath out, Breathe in,Breathe out,
  • So, tell me more about your day at school
  • Son gets home and needs to wash his hand. Father washes his hands with him so he has reassurance and avoids doing old behaviors
  • Son gets home from school. Dad tries a new tactic of placing things in an imperfect manner to show Son how its ok if eveything isnt perfect
  • Son, Its fine try to relax and not think about it too much
  • Dad brings son into a room to practice a meditation breathing exercise. Stress causes most ocd behaviours.
  • Dad and son go for a jog to releive mind stress and to socialise. this allows time to speak about problems. Aerobic exercise releases endorphins that improve your mental health
  • It was a lot of fun, I got to participate in all the sporting events
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