Business Plan Info-Example
Updated: 2/28/2019
Business Plan Info-Example
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Business Plan Infographics

Business Plan Infographics

A business plan is a document that clearly outlines a business' goals and objectives, and clearly states their strategies on how they plan to achieve them. The document can take many different shapes or forms such as a letter, PowerPoint, or an infographic.

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Storyboard Text

  • A "Pebble Charm Bracelet". Each pebble on this bracelet will be a pebble from every state in North America. Customers can collect each of these pebble charms from every state they visit. Our studies show that many people enjoy traveling for vacation and business purposes. An average of 1.73 million passengers fly per day around the United States alone. We would send employees to every state in North America to collect rocks. We then sell these rocks at each state's airports and tourist shopping centers. The minor risks involve the bracelet itself becoming too heavy for customers have collected every single pebble. Another risk is that people might not purchase something they can easily find outside for free. People from all over the United States will get obsessed into collecting these pebble charms. This obsession will earn a profit for the company. Another side success will be customers exploring states they would have never gone to if not for our product.
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