Jaslyn Minor's Scientific Method Presention

Updated: 9/12/2020
Jaslyn Minor's Scientific Method Presention

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  • JAslyn Minor Scientific Method Presentation
  • Hello, My name is Francis Bacon! I developed the Scientific Method. I discovered the Scientific Method around the 1620's.
  • The Scientific Method is a Step-by-step process to Conduct experiments. Everyone should get the the same set of rules, which in turn would prove that the results are correct.
  • The first step is to ask a question. The purpose of the question is to narrow the focus of the inquiry, to identify the problem in specific terms.
  • The second step is to research. Data around the issue. What is already known?
  • The third step is to form a hypothesis. Try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is an "educated guess".
  • The fourth step is to do your experiment. Test the hypothesis.
  • The fifth step is observations. Information you collect during the experiment.
  • The sixth step is your results or conclusion. decide in the event that your hypothesis was rectify or not.
  • The final step for the scientific strategy, is to share your results. This step is very important since it gives informationso that other researchers can repeat the try or construct on it to verify and confirm the results.