Adjectives: Opposites

Adjectives: Opposites
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Teaching Adjectives with SBT

Teaching Adjectives

By Jessica Miller

As an ESL teacher, I've been using and experimenting with Storyboard That to explore the many ways it can be used to teach. It isn't just a way to tell stories and make comics; it has a variety of layout options that are perfect for creating engaging activities for students. When teaching about adjectives, I use the various storyboard layouts to reinforce different ways of learning.

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Storyboard Description

Teach opposite adjectives with visuals! This template is perfect for ESL students.

Storyboard Text

  • SAD
  • What colors and pictures would you choose to describe "happy"?
  • What colors and pictures would you choose to describe "sad"?
  • Other words for happy:
  • Other words for sad:
  • BLUE
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