The Wizard & the Ninja: Onomatopoeia
Updated: 2/16/2018
The Wizard & the Ninja: Onomatopoeia
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Using Storyboard That for ESL

Why You Need to Use Storyboard That to Teach ESL

By Jessica Miller

Storyboard That is software that easily allows anyone to make storyboards or comics. It is an excellent educational tool whether you're teaching art, history, or language. As an ESL teacher, I find Storyboard That particularly useful for teaching English. It's an interactive, fun, and visual way to teach students grammatical concepts, vocabulary, reading and comprehension, and more!

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Storyboard Description

The Wizard & the Ninja: Onomatopoeia Story

Storyboard Text

  • Shhhhh! Do you hear that?
  • Yes! What is it?
  • It's a wizard! 
  • POOOF! Whoosh!
  • Ahhh! He is going to cast a spell.
  • We need help! 
  • Wow! He's coming down that rope. And, did he just sneeze?
  • Look! There's a ninja!
  • ACHOO!
  • Yes, I'm a ninja. And yes, I did sneeze. But shhh! I am going to sneak up on this wizard.
  • Now, where is he?
  • Ouch! Yikes!
  • Mwuahhaha! I am right here. Come fight me, if you dare!
  • Aahh!!
  • BAM!
  • Hmmm... Where did he go?
  • Whoosh! Poof!
  • HAHA! That was strange! Let's get some food.
  • Wow! What just happened?