U.S.A vs. Cuba - Storyboard #2
Updated: 5/22/2020
U.S.A vs. Cuba - Storyboard #2
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  • Bay of PigsAfter the Cuban Revolution, the U.S. was worried because Fidel Castro was an ally with the Soviet UnionThe CIA was in charge of getting rid of Fidel Castro's government in CubaThey planned for planes to fly in first to destroy the air forceThen about 1,500 soldiers would land and the U.S. hoped the Cuban people would join them in fighting against CastroThe CIA had planned the invasion in secret, but too many people knew and got out and the Cubans knew the invasion was coming and JFK cancelled the air support because he did not want to start a war
  •  Cuban Missile CrisisThe Cuban Missile Crisis began in 1962Soviet Union began to put missiles in Cuba and the United States would not accept itPresident Kennedy would not allow any offensive weapons into CubaThe confrontation lasted 13 days After many secret talks the Soviet Union agreed to remove them and the U.S. agreed never to invade CubaSecretly, the U.S. agreed to remove missiles from Turkey and ItalyThis was the closest the U.S. and Soviet Union came to nuclear war during the Cold War
  • Current RelationsDuring President Obama's time he met with Raul Castro, leader of CubaU.S. and Cuba began to normalize relationships and restore diplomatic tiesOur current administration undid those processes and put new sanctions on CubaThe U.S. criticized the Cuban government over poor human rights and communist politics We no longer have diplomatic relationships with Cuba All travel has been banned in addition to many other bans
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