Forever Allyan
Updated: 7/21/2020
Forever Allyan
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  • I was Just holding my breath, haha.
  • Let me brush the sand off. How do I look now?
  • Whats your name?
  • My mane is Alan, sounds like Alyan, I like smiling, I got talents, I can do tricks, I can keep my balance.
  • I love dancing, matter fact, can I have one?
  • Right now?
  • Y'all heard the man, lights outAnd the moon turns into a disco ball
  • Heaven, better come and get your daughterWaltzing all on top of this water
  • Then Whip,Then Nae Nae, Then Dip
  • Down in my submarineI got a pair of seatsRaise the periscope, to see parakeetsand the dinosaurs don't be scaring me.
  • Let me guess, you got an airplane too?
  • best thing of all, my mom says I'm sweet
  • All thats cool, but what about school
  • Ain't you muslim, you can't talk til you marry me.
  • Now entering the Canadian Olympic swimming team
  • Alan did the best, as you know that's why his nickname is the lifeguard and my God is he dope.
  • Michael Phelps cannot believe it even though he is his coachHe might be the next Steve Zissou, or maybe Jacques Cousteau
  • Just then someone saw a little boy, fall off that boat, cries rang out and Alan jumped off in that water swam him right back to the shore
  • You are such a brave young man.
  • Guess what I did today?Got my rescue on, saved a kid todayEven taught him next time how to swim away
  • You should really feel good that you gave your helpMight get you into heaven, might raise your health
  • Bet you didn't even know that you saved yourself
  • The waves can be your cover, the beach can be your pillowMy heart can be your house, my eyes can be your windowsTo teach you how to swim and then we'll play NintendoBe with all of your friends, dancing to the tempo
  • This comic is dedicated to Alan Kurdi, a boy who drowned as his family attempted to flee to Europe during the immigration crisis in September of 2015. The red shirt and blue pants image of his young body on the shore caused headlines all around the world.This Comic suggests that Alan never died, which ties in to the, cheerful, imagination Alan has to go and succeed as an Olympic swimmer and to save a boy just like him, in effect, saving himself. However, we know how the story truly ends.
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