The French Revolution - Napoleon: Hero or Villain?

The French Revolution - Napoleon: Hero or Villain?
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French Revolution Lesson Plans

The French Revolution

Lesson Plans by John Gillis

Facilitated by enlightened thinking and the terrible violence in the late 18th century, the French Revolution of 1789 brought major political and social change to France. Learn more with Storyboard That.

French Revolution

Storyboard Description

The French Revolution Timeline - Napoleon: Hero or Villain?

Storyboard Text

  • Defender of the Republic! Military Genius!
  • The National Convention of France
  • Bring back the king!
  • - HERO
  • 1795/96: Napoleon defends the National Convention and claims victories in Italy.
  • - BOTH
  • Order! Security! Efficiency! Emperor?
  • Keeps the Revolution Alive - Sort Of
  • Napoleonic Code
  • Did he really just pull the crown out of the Pope's hands?
  • Napoleon centralized power, but kept many revolutionary changes alive. He established a uniform legal system under his Napoleonic Code, but restored slavery and oppressed women.
  • All citizens are equal before the law.
  • Napoleon seized power in 1802 and negotiated peace. By 1804 he had named himself Emperor.
  • Battle of Trafalgar!
  • 1807 to 1812: The Empire at its Largest!
  • This was a decisive naval defeat for Napoleon's fleet. Britain would not become part of the French Empire.
  • Napoleon controlled most of Western Europe for five years, but it was a volatile empire.
  • Mistakes in Spain and Britain
  • This blockade cant stop us!
  • Napoleon attempted to defeat Britain with the "Continental System", a series of blockades that failed. He also placed his brother on the Spanish throne and it was a political disaster.
  • Napoleon Invades Russia. Over 400,000 Troops. Fewer than 10,000 Return!
  • Napoleon's most costly mistake. The Russian army retreated and burned everything. The French army ended up far from home with no food and winter closing in.
  • Waterloo
  • Waterloo, Belgium
  • France
  • Escape from Elba
  • I'm back!
  • Elba
  • After he escaped from Elba and ruled France for 100 days, Napoleon's enemies defeated him near the Belgian town of Waterloo. He was banished to the remote island of St. Helena.
  • British Army
  • Prussian Army
  • After the debacle in Russia, Napoleon's enemies were able to defeat him and banish him to Elba, BUT he escaped and returned to wild popular support!
  • Vive Bonaparte!

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