The French Revolution - Reign of Terror Timeline

The French Revolution - Reign of Terror Timeline
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The French Revolution

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Facilitated by enlightened thinking and the terrible violence in the late 18th century, the French Revolution of 1789 brought major political and social change to France. Learn more with Storyboard That.

French Revolution

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The French Revolution Timeline - Reign of Terror

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  • "Terror is the order of the day"
  • We can and WILL use force against citizens if they refuse to follow revolutionary law!
  • Reign of Terror 1793-94
  • The Reign of Terror began when French lawyer and politician Maximilien Robespierre took control of the Committee of Public Safety and ruled as a dictator.
  • Girondin members are rounded up and executed
  • Death of a Queen
  • I would never harm my own child...
  • Terror is nothing other than justice: prompt, severe, inflexible.
  • Put on trial for a wide range of charges, many of them exaggerated, the Queen was found guilty and executed.
  • Robespierre was a member of the Jacobins - a radical political group. The rival group, the Girondins, became targets during the "Terror".
  • Robespierre justifies his authority
  • Under a revolutionary regime, it is the state which has to defend itself against all the factions which assail it.
  • Robespierre claims that since his "revolutionary regime" is at war, it must "operate in an extraordinary manner".
  • Festival of the Supreme Being
  • New legislation makes trials for "counterrevolutionaries" even faster!
  • Robespierre created his own revolutionary religion based on Greek and Roman models. To "ring in" this new belief system he organized a massive festival, involving a man-made mountain, which he presided over.
  • Over 65% of all "counterrevolutionaries" were executed after Robespierre put this new law into effect.
  • The Law of the 22nd Prairial
  • The Terror Ends
  • Charged with "crimes against the Republic". Robespierre is guillotined. The Reign of Terror ends after over 40,000 French citizens are killed.

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