Claudia and Jeannette Meet
Updated: 6/10/2020
Claudia and Jeannette Meet
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  • Hello Claudia thank you for meeting up with me for this article on identity
  • Your Welcome, and thanks for having me
  • So my first question is how do you feel about identity?
  • I feel that people should be proud of their identity and who they are
  • I feel that some people choose to be the way they are with identity in my opinion.
  • Well, some people don't have a choice, some people have to be the way they are because don't have much
  • What do you think defines identity?
  • Claudia and Jeannette meet up in Ohio where Claudia lives. Jeannette decides that she wants to make an article about identity. So Jeannette meets Claudia and ask if she can interview her since Claudia lives in Ohio.
  • Well, to some, society's standards define it like blue eyes, and nice hair, are some of those things. But I believe that being yourself is better than forcing to be something your not. Mainly the perception of ourselves
  • Jeannette asks Claudia how she feels about identity Claudia feels that people should feel good about their natural selves.
  • Identity can be defined by many things but in my opinion I agree that self-perception defines it because if a person chooses to live a certain way but has a choice of a better life, and chooses to be poor that's the way they choose to live .
  • Mainly the reason why people don't have a choice to identity, is because of social class and not having much.
  • Thank you for telling me about how you feel about identity in the world. Thank you for coming.
  • In this Claudia gets upset because people don't have a choice with the way they live or look. She knows that because she didn't have a choice to the way she lived. Jeannette says that because her parents chose to be homeless even though they could've been millionaires
  • Your welcome, in this world identity is lead by society's standard when we should lead it with how we feel about ourselves. Even if some don't have a choice we should still be ourselves.
  • Jeannette asks Claudia what defines identity. She said that society shouldn't really define our identity, we should define ourselves.
  • Jeannette agrees with Claudia in identity being defined by self-perception because Claudia believes that people should love themselves and not follow society's standards. Jeannette agree with her because of her experience with her parents.
  • Overall, Claudia and Jeannette agree with each other in identity and that self-perception defines it. Even though in other cases society defines the identity of others and how they live, they still see that people should be themselves.
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