Updated: 2/28/2021

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  • me too I like being friends with you.
  • school is so boring I am here with my best friend
  • It is very funny how I don't have a lot friends only you.
  • i have a lot of other friends not only you.
  • yeah who?
  • they are very bad people why do you like them?
  • I have Emma, Daniel and there-whole friend group.
  • I don't find them mean. I find that they are very nice people.
  • in this scene, Jake and Amy are having lunch at school.
  • A couple of weeks later.
  • Ammy starts talking about she doesn't have a lot of friends only Jake. But Jake has a lot of friends and doesn't agree with Amy.
  • Look it's Amy is she crying because she didn't get a perfect score one her test today?
  • Yea she is sad because she got the lowest grade. hahaha
  • stop being mean leave me a lone.
  • Amy get annoyed over the fact that Jake is friends with Daniel's friend group.
  • Come one we should  leave before she says something to the teacher.
  • No
  • Emma and Daniel are making fun of Amy while. she is crying and Jake is just standing there.
  • Amy told them to stop and they wouldn't and Jake didn't do anything.