perseuous and the gorgon
Updated: 6/20/2020
perseuous and the gorgon
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this is the story of how the gorgon was conquered

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  • King Arcrisius had a plan he would trap Danae in a room so she could never marry and have the baby .Although Zeus took pity on her and married her so she could have the baby.
  • now you can never escape and have the child. hahah!
  • Soon the people who gave Danae food found out that she had the baby they went and told the king, so he decided to put them in a box throw them in the sea and hoped that they would either starve or drown.
  • I love you and will do anything to keep you safe.!
  • for many days they were at sea danae did whatever she could to keep her son alive she prayed to the gods to keep him safe and to take her instead.
  • the chest washed up on the shore of Seraphos. king polydectes heard about danae he called them to hi palace.
  • mother now we can finally be free and live happily.
  • we are safe at last perseus we have reached shore. thank you zeus for saving us
  • I am king Polydectes and i have heard of your beauty will you marry me?
  • I cant let this happen!
  • No! i refuse marriage to you
  • king polydectes held a feast and asked men to get him gifts but he did not ask perseus. perseus feeling guilty he had'nt brought a gift so he asked king polydectes what he wanted and the king replied medusas head.
  • i have to marry danae but with perseus around she surely will not marry me. i will send him on a task that he will never return from
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