part 1
Updated: 6/10/2020
part 1
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  • Normal people say hello you know, but it sounds like you’re having some rent troubles and are worried you might get evicted soon. Maybe you should check out BC Housing and their rental assistance program.
  • Yooooooooo brooooooo, where the cash at? Landlord be bugging meeeeeeee and the dough be low you get what I’m cooking good looking?
  • Free money dawggggg???? I see u get what i was cooking. You know it's only until my rap career takes off. I won't forget you little folk.
  • Please stop talking to me.
  • Ok lets get this money babyyyyy. What?!?!?! It says i need less than 40K income from employment and a dependant. Bro the whole streets depending on me. Where am i gonna get a dependent?
  • Don't you have a son?
  • Oh yeaaaaaaaa. good looking out boss.
  • Meanwhile...
  • Yup just waiting for my pops to make it big, then I can finally get my own toothbrush.
  • Yes...
  • What about income?
  • Legal income?
  • I did some work with my dad. I think I have $26K made last year working part time, Because you know I’m a full time artist.
  • Yeah, let's go with that.
  • Ok let's get this money dawwwwwwwwwwg!
  • Hold up, there are more requirements. You need less than $100k in assets, have lived in BC for 12 months, have filed taxes, more than 30% of income towards rent…
  • Very little, except this roley on my wrist (It’s fake). I been a BC BOY since birth ya dig? And my brother’s an accountant. He helps me file my taxes, and, keep this on the down low, but it's like 50% of my income.
  • Well I guess you qualify………..
  • Yes...
  • Legal assets?
  • Later...
  • They need my bank info, household info, proof of rent, proof of assets and proof of income. What is this?? George Orwell’s critically acclaimed novel 1984 in which citizens are under control of a political deep state that influences all thoughts and actions in hopes of preventing any uprising from those in poverty??? Dawwwwwwwwwwwwg? Oh well gotta do what u gotta do, ya feel my spiel?
  • Even laterer...
  • Maybe temper your expectations a little bit, I couldn’t find out how long the approval process takes anywhere online.
  • DAWWWWG, thanks for the ride, hopefully they make it rain on me quickly. I need the money yesterday ya feel?
  • You sure u dont want to buy my mixtape?
  • Don't worry dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwg, I'm sure i'll have it in a jiff, and I'm not talking peanut butter. You can catch more quoatables like that on my new mixtape.
  • Just tell me when you get approved.
  • no I'm good....
  • Even latererer
  • You do know they won’t give the money until the end of the month right?
  • I need to pay rent now. I know I look like I have everything in my life on lock, but the truth is, ya boy has kinda been slipping… in a financial sense… by which I mean I am broke… financially…
  • Yoooooooo broooooo, I did it! I'm approved!! But where the cash at?????
  • Shocker… maybe you need to have a conversation with your landlord and come to an agreement that can work for the both of you.
  • Thanks bro, you're a good friend. You sure you don’t want to support my mixtape?
  • Even laterererer
  • What do you mean? You trying to skip out on paying rent again?
  • Yooo big boss man, it's me, your number one tenant. Bad news, I have to pay you at the end of the month.
  • Alright whatever, just pay at the end of the month from now on.
  • Dad, broooooo listen. I’m approved by the BC residential assistance program but they won’t pay me until the end of the month.
  • One month later
  • Just stay on time from now on son.
  • I got you pops.
  • Dad, here's the cash.
  • And son… I'm proud of you.
  • Dad, you've never said those words to me, you should hear my mixt-
  • GET OUT!!!
  • Shouldn't you use that money on things you need to survive... like your bills, food, and i don't know, maybe your SON.
  • Brooooo I paid my rent. Now I can use all this extra cash to produce my album.
  • Meanwhile...
  • My dad's mixtape is fire!
  • Who are you talking to?
  • I know we like to joke around here in this comic, but I am one of many struggling BC residents who need better access to affordable housing and the rental assistance program just barely helps people like me get by. It is a struggle day in and day out.
  • The End.
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