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R+J comic project
Updated: 5/25/2020
R+J comic project
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Storyboard Text

  • Act 1 Scene 1
  • Act 1 Scene 2 (Continued)
  • Act 1 Scene 4
  • Montague and Capulets (tybalt blond fighting Benvolio and Lady Capulet holding Capulet back from fighting) the others fight each other. The prince arrives angrily and tells them that this is the last time he should ever see them fighting and if it happens again then someone will be exiled. The swords symbolize hatred and fighting because these families hate each other so much that they would fight to the death.
  • Act 2 Scene 2
  • Juliet's father is talking Paris. Prince Paris wants Juliet to fall in love with him and marry her . Juliet 's father tries to convince him there are other beautiful women to marry. In order to see if prince Paris would be loyal to his daughter. But Prince Paris doesn't listen to him, he only wants affection from Juliet.
  • Act 2 Scene 3
  • Romeo and his friends are at all the ball. This is where Juliet and Romeo first meet and its love at first sight. Juliet asks her friends who is Romeo. TyBalt recognizes who it is and becomes angry but doesn’t do anything in fear of getting exiled. Paris in the background notices Juliet hates him and never will marry him which upsets him.
  • Act 2 Scene 6
  • In this part Romeo and Juliet express their love for each other and break the rules by seeing each other. Because their love is to strong to keep apart. The rose on the balcony symbolizes a blossoming love between Romeo and Juliet. 
  • Romeo goes to Frair Lawrence a Franciscan Friar who as a catholic holy man has the power invested in him to approve of a catholic marriage. Romeo explains to Frair Lawrence how he has fallen in love with "the enemy" and has forgotten all about Rosaline. And how he plans to marry Juliet and was wondering if Frair Lawrence would marry them on that same day. After much begging and telling that Romoe wasnt making a bad decision, Frair Lawrence agreed to Romeo's marriage request .
  • Romeo is so in love with Juliet that he decides to marry her. Frair Lawrence who doesn't think about the consequences agrees And marries the two teenagers. you can see a heart with one rose in it this symbolizes that the marriage will end in a love tragedy but will forever remain love.
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