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Updated: 12/15/2020
FIAT storyboard

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  • Chapter 1 In trouble again
  • Ally I'm very disapointed. why the heck would you give me a sympathy card!!!???
  • Chapter 2 Yellow card
  • I'm so sorry!!!I did not know that was a sympathy card!!! Fine! send me home...
  • I'm sorry; but why did you give Mrs. Halls a sympathy card?
  • Chapter 3 Never up to me
  • Want to swap foods???
  • In this chapter Ally gives Mrs. Halls a sympathy card.Ally thought it was a card for congrats. Mrs. Halls is having a baby and is going on a leave soon. Shay makes fun of Ally and Ally is embarrassed.
  • Chapter 50 A hero's job
  • Ally goes to the principals office. They have a chat. Ally is embarrassed even more. Ally starts to cry and she gets sent home.
  • The girls without flowers
  • You cannot have flowers!!!
  • Ally goes to her moms restaurant and talks about what happened at school. They also eat ice cream and burgers.
  • Chapter 51 C O U R A gEnius
  • Help!! Travis has dyslexia too!
  • Ally, Keisha, and, Albert are walking back to A. C. Petersan's their mom's restaurant, when bullies show up the same bullies that bullied Albert. They have an ally fight.
  • Mrs. Muldoon is very rude to Keisha. Ally gives Keisha some of her flowers to make Keisha happy. They walk down the isle with the biggest ear to ear smiles.
  • Ally wants Mr. Daniels to teach Travis how to read because Travis has Dyslexia too!Travis said he has dyslexia too, just like Ally.
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