Updated: 12/7/2020

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  • from this day in the School
  • And my name is Micheal.
  • Okay, my name is Richard do you want to go on the store when the school is finish.
  • Hello, am new here my name is Nick.
  • After finishing their school, they went on the store but Richard think something
  • Or else we will leave you behind and don't be a friend with us.
  • Or maybe your just a coward because you'll get caught.
  • come on Nick do this for us . just steal one
  • You two telling me that I have to steal but I don't want to do it.
  • Okay I'll do it.
  • After stealing on the store they all went home while walking on the town street
  • Yes, do that again & you will be are best buddy forever.
  • Just keep it up bro.
  • Okay.
  • After that, the blue sad boy walk home and immediately go to his bedroom & crying to his conscience
  • What should I do, am I doing right or wrong should I tell the owner and my mom want happened i know it's the correct way but if i do that I will lose my two friends & might be they going to do something bad about me if i don't tell to them is good and bad at the same time, What should I choose in my conscience.
  • But i have to do the right decision to end this . So that i don't have to suffer on their words, sorry friends but I have to do it.
  • After thinking what he should do, he decided to tell it on his mom
  • Okay,thank you mother for the help.
  • Mom, my friends pressured me to steal from the store but am afraid to tell it because they might hate me, What should I do, Please..
  • Your welcome my son.
  • Okay son first when you're going to the store again is to see the owner with your friends & ask your them to say story & tell to the owner what happened.
  • On this day they went to the store but the owner is there, the two are surprised & Nick told everything what happened because he know it's the correct way
  • The End...
  • Is that so, I will gave you all another chance but if you all do it again I will call the police.
  • It's just okay as long you don't do it & have a good day .
  • And that what happened Sir.
  • were sorry for what we done & we will never do it again were sorry Nick for pressuring you hope you want to be friends again.
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