Much Ado About Nothing
Updated: 2/18/2020
Much Ado About Nothing

Storyboard Text

  • Oh look. It's my Lady Tongue!
  • Ugh. Benedick, why are you still talking? No one is listening to you!
  • I really hate my brother and Claudio. What can I do to ruin them?
  • I hear that Claudio is going to marry Hero. Let's make Claudio think that Hero is cheating on him. I can get my girl Margaret to help me out. . .
  • Omg! Does Beatrice really love me? Maybe I love her too. I should quit being a jerk.
  • Yes, that's what Hero says. But she can't tell him because he would make fun of her.
  • He's totally falling for it!
  • Did you hear that Beatrice is really into Benedick?
  • Leonato, how could you give your daughter to me when you know she's a contaminated stale?She was with some dude in her bedroom last night. I saw her!
  • What? I have never been with any man!
  • Hero, how could you? I wish you'd never been born!
  • Don John totally tricked Claudio. I was with Margaret the whole time, but he thought it was Hero!
  • Bruh!
  • Stop in the name of the law!
  • Yeah! Let's see what Leonato has to say about this!
  • Whaaaaa???
  • I made such a terrible mistake, and now Hero is dead! I'll marry you whoever you are!
  • I'm Hero!
  • Beatrice, let's get married!
  • Oh fine! But only because I feel sorry for you!