Business English
Updated: 4/20/2020
Business English
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  • Hello, Mr. Thompson's office
  • Yes, is Mr. Thompson in?
  • I'm sorry, he's in a meeting. He's been tied up all day.
  • Can you tell me when he'll be available?
  • These meetings usually last an hour, but this one has gone on for two. It's anybody's guess, when he'll be done.
  • I see.
  • I would be happy to pass along a message
  • Tell him that Jason Smith from Frontier called, and that it is imperative he get back to me. He can ring me on my cell at 05546723545.
  • Let me read that back to you. Jason Smith from Frontier called and your cell number is 05546723545.
  • 3545
  • I would appreciate it if you could tell him that I need to hear from him today.
  • Will do. Is there anything else?
  • 3545
  • That's it. Take care. Bye.
  • Tied Up: The phrase tied up means to be busy or preoccupied. 1) I would love to go to the concert with you, but I'll be tied up this evening doing conference calls. 2) He told me he would be tied up with a client all day.
  • Anybody's Guess: This means that nobody knows. This is used when nobody knows what the answer is.1) It is anybody's guess when the meeting will start. It has been delayed three times already today.2) I just spoke to him, and he said that it was anybody's guess who the next managing director would be.
  • Pass Along: To pass along something or to pass something along means to share information with other people.1) I need you to pass this memo along to all the members of the team. Please do it now.2) Why haven't you passed that memo along yet?
  • It is imperative he get back to me: Please notice the grammar that is being used here. It is called the subjunctive form, which is used especially when dealing with issues that are important or urgent. 1) I requested that she call my office as soon as possible. 2)They have asked that we fax this document to them.
  • Let me read that back to you: This expression can be used when confirming information that someone However, this expression is very useful in business situations.1) Please let me read that back to you. Your address is 1127 Johnson Street. Is that correct?
  • Coming Soon: Chapter 2
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