Food and Nutrition KWL Chart

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Food and Nutrition KWL Chart
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by Natasha Lupiani

The KWL chart is a graphic organizer to record knowledge, questions, and newly acquired knowledge. Typically used by students in primary grades, the KWL chart is a superb tool for focusing reading and information-gathering.

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Storyboard Description

Use this KWL worksheet in your nutrition and food sciences unit to help students keep track of what they know and what they learned that might have been unexpected!

Storyboard Text

  • Name Date
  • Food and Nutrition KWL
  • What I KNOW...
  • What I WONDER...
  • What I LEARNED...
  • Directions: It's likely that you already have some assumptions and knowledge about nutrition and food sciences. Use this KWL chart throughout the unit to keep track of how much you learned and how your understanding has changed.
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