Food and Nutrition KWL Chart

Food and Nutrition KWL Chart
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Food Groups Lesson Plans

Essential Nutrients and the 5 Food Groups

By Oliver Smith

A healthy diet is essential to a long and happy life, but what makes a diet healthy? It is recommended that we have a varied diet made up of food from each of the food groups because all the different types of foods give us essential nutrients. Students should be introduced to nutrition and healthy eating so that they are able to make sensible and informed choices about their diet. The activities in this lesson will help students recognize the importance of a varied diet and why they can't just have cake for every meal!

Food Groups

Storyboard Description

Use this KWL worksheet in your nutrition and food sciences unit to help students keep track of what they know and what they learned that might have been unexpected!

Storyboard Text

  • Name Date
  • Food and Nutrition KWL
  • What I KNOW...
  • What I WONDER...
  • What I LEARNED...
  • Directions: It's likely that you already have some assumptions and knowledge about nutrition and food sciences. Use this KWL chart throughout the unit to keep track of how much you learned and how your understanding has changed.
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