The Canterbury Tales - Caricatures Based on "The General Prologue"

The Canterbury Tales - Caricatures Based on "The General Prologue"
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The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories, told by different pilgrims on their way to Thomas Becket’s tomb during the Middle Ages. They cover important topics like greed, lust, love, forgiveness, and revenge, all themes that we can still relate to in our modern world, making these Tales truly timeless.

Canterbury Tales, The

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Caricatures in The Canterbury Tales

Storyboard Text

  • Bonjour!
  • DOGS
  • My name is Haley, and I am so tall, Of course you know I play basketball.
  • When I get home, I love to cook! And then I sit down to read a book!
  • My family hails from France, and all my friends know, “Bonjour!” means hello!
  • I have two dogs, they brighten my day, My name is Haley, and this is my caricature. Yay!
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