Letter from a Birmingham Jail - Transcendental Thought
Updated: 12/5/2018
Letter from a Birmingham Jail - Transcendental Thought
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Letter from a Birmingham Jail Lesson Plans

Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr

Lesson Plans by Kristy Littlehale

"Letter from a Birmingham Jail" challenged the complacent attitudes of the local clergymen during the Civil Right’s movement, as Martin Luther King, Jr. sat in a jail cell for his peaceful protests against injustice. This letter connects with the important concepts of Transcendentalism as laid out by Henry David Thoreau in his jail-time piece, Resistance to Civil Government, including nonconformity, intuition, and self-reliance.

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Storyboard Description

Letter from a Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr. | Transcendentalism

Storyboard Text

  • Whites Only
  • Birmingham General Store
  • Just be patient! Wait! It'll happen eventually....
  • Colored Only
  • Wait... the Holocaust was LEGAL?!
  • We are equal!
  • "So we had no alternative except that of preparing for direct action..."
  • You promised change! We won't wait any longer!
  • "The answer is found in the fact that there are two types of laws: there are just laws, and there are unjust laws... We can never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was 'legal'..."
  • "We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands."
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