Illustrating Conflict in The Tragedy of Richard III Storyboard

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Illustrating Conflict in The Tragedy of Richard III Storyboard
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The Tragedy of Richard III remains one of the most chilling tales of the potential destructiveness of a man’s ambition and pride. Engage students with Storyboard That's premade activities and lesson plan ideas!

Tragedy of Richard III, The

Storyboard Description

King Richard III literary Conflict

Storyboard Text

  • Richard? King? No way.
  • He's too dangerous.
  • Richard asks Lord Buckingham to kill the two young princes in the Tower. Buckingham hesitates at Richard’s orders because the request is so heinous. Richard believes that Buckingham is weak and cannot be trusted. Buckingham flees to Wales and raises an army against Richard; however, he is captured, and Richard eventually has Buckingham beheaded.
  • As Richard goes to sleep the night before battle, he is visited by the ghosts of those whom he has killed: Prince Edward, Henry VI, Clarence, Rivers, Grey, Vaughan, the Princes, Hastings, Anne, and Buckingham. When Richard awakes, he is terrified, and realizes he hates himself, that he is guilty of murder, and that it is time to despair over what he has done.
  • The people of England do not want Richard to be crowned king. While Buckingham tries to drum up support for a Richard III bid for the throne, the people all recognize Richard for what he really is: a dangerous man. Richard’s deeds and reputation precede him, and the people do not want him as their king.
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