Simplified Plot Diagram- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Simplified Plot Diagram- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Storyboard Description

Simplified Plot Diagram for differentiated instruction - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Storyboard Text

  • O God! O God!
  • Mr. Utterson is concerned by a man named Mr. Hyde, because he believes he is taking advantage of his friend Dr. Jekyll.
  • Jekyll sent a letter to Dr. Lanyon, begging him to get something for him. Hyde comes to pick it up, mixes it, and drinks it. He transforms into Henry Jekyll in front of Dr. Lanyon’s eyes, revealing his secret experiments.
  • After Mr. Hyde murders a man, Dr. Jekyll disappears. In a letter from Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Utterson learns that Dr. Jekyll has been transforming into Mr. Hyde for many years, and that it became uncontrollable. Jekyll kills himself to kill Hyde.
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