Using Perspective with "Autumn Gardening"

Using Perspective with "Autumn Gardening"
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The short story “Autumn Gardening” gives students a new way to understand perspective of the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This unique perspective of a survivor of one of the bombs is meant to point out to readers that there is always more than one side to a story.

Autumn Gardening

Storyboard Description

Perspective with "Autumn Gardening" - How a character's perspective changes a story

Storyboard Text

  • The Wolf is on trial, fighting for his life. This whole thing has been a misunderstanding! He didn't murder anyone!
  • You see, the Wolf was just trying to make a cake for his granny, and he had a terrible cold. He ran out of sugar for the cake, so he had to go find some!
  • He came to the First Little Pig's house and as he knocked on the door, he sneezed! The house was made of straw, so it fell over... and killed Mr. Pig. The Wolf was hungry, so he wasn't going to let a ham dinner go to waste!
  • The Wolf set off again in search of sugar and came to the Second Little Pig's house. Same deal: sneeze, the house was made of sticks, ham dinner. Still no sugar for granny's cake!
  • Finally, he came to the Third Little Pig's house. Luckily, his house was made of brick so it didn't fall when the Wolf had another sneezing attack. However, the Third Pig made a derogatory remark about Wolf's granny, so the Wolf tried to break in and fight him.
  • The Wolf was arrested, and he says that the media made up the whole "murder" story because searching for sugar for a cake didn't sound very exciting. The Wolf claims that the real story is: he was framed!
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