Vocabulary for A Separate Peace

Updated: 3/27/2019
Vocabulary for A Separate Peace
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This novel delves into the topics many contemporary teenagers face, including internal conflict struggles with identity, the complexities of friendship, and the realities of peer pressure. Gene and Finny, two 16-year-old boys at an elite boarding school in New Hampshire, are dealing with all of these common teenage obstacles and their inevitable draft into the armed forces during World War II.

A Separate Peace

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  • When they torpedo the troop ship, you can't stand around admiring the view! Jump!
  • n. inconstant; incompatible; lacking harmony
  • You're my best pal.
  • We are even in enmity.
  • v. to persuade someone by flattery or creative convincing
  • n. mutual hatred or hostility
  • n. a release from the military for persons judged mentally unfit
  • adj. disabled or disfigured permanently; crippled