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Updated: 12/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Siddharthar Gautama was born into the royal family and his dad knew that he was meant for something great. His dad and the entire royal family tried to keep him away from all the bad things in life and have him become a political leader.
  • After Gautama experienced seeing people dead, sick, or old he went into the world to figure out how to stop suffering. Later on he runs off into the woods and was not heard from for years.
  • Gautama sat under that tree for 49 days straight just to feel himself enlightened. Then he sat under that tree for 49 more days and he realized that he wants to live in the woods to feel free.
  • Getting old is a part of suffering which is part of the four noble truths.
  • Police
  • I quit. I don’t want to Harm people.
  • Right livelihood, avoiding jobs that could bring harm to others.
  • Abhidhamma Pitaka (the higher doctrine basket)- an explanation on the teaching of Buddha. Most of these are called Sutras.
  • 1.Vinaya Pitaka (the discipline basket)-a rule book for monks and nuns. 2.Sutta Pitaka (the teaching basket)-the actual experiences of Buddha.
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